I am very excited to share with you all that I recently had the privilege of a private tour around what I believe will be one of the finest wedding venues in Herefordshire – Crumplebury. Due to be completed in October 2019, I was given the opportunity to receive a behind-the-scenes look at the renovations taking place by the husband and wife team behind Crumplebury, Joe and Keeley.

Before my visit, I had read many articles about this exciting new venue, and thought I knew what to expect – I was wrong. Crumplebury is so much more than I imagined…

When I arrived at the Crumplebury grounds in Herefordshire, I was welcomed by roaming cows, sheep and lambs, which highlighted the beauty of this rural setting. (This was the first of many stops I simply had to make to take photos!) It isn’t every day that I arrive to a wedding venue and am instantly surrounded by farm animals!

As I continued to drive through the grounds, I soon approached the entrance to the venue. Farm animals continued to surround the area, but my attention soon turned to the grand renovation site ahead of me. Whilst construction was on-going, you could see that the plans for the venue were coming to life and I instantly felt excited to see more!

Donning a hard hat and a hi-vis jacket, it was fantastic being able to get in on the action alongside builders and architects, accompanied by Joe and Keeley. I was shown what will be the banqueting hall, the civil ceremony room, lounge, bar, gallery, 11 luxury bedrooms and a private cottage. Joe and Keeley talked me through their plans for the venue, describing details such as what colour décor will be used, and what special features will be added to make this venue unique. The passion Joe and Keeley have for Crumplebury was infectious, and the more I saw and heard, the more I fell in love with their vision and felt their passion myself.

One of my favourite features of the venue is the magnificent views of the surrounding countryside. Crumplebury will consist of 2 floor-to-floor glass windows, one in the banqueting hall and another in the ceremony room, providing a truly gorgeous setting in which to marry, dine and celebrate with family and friends.

Another favourite feature is the private cottage. The cottage is one of the first parts of the build to be completed, and consists of many homely features alongside a breath-taking window looking out over the countryside. When I saw this, I could immediately picture a bride, standing in the window in her bridal gown – I had goosebumps, it really felt magical!

From conversations with Joe and Keeley, it is clear that fine-dining is at the heart of this venue, with ingredients coming from the neighbouring farm or local suppliers. Wedding menus will be seasonal, and will also be bespoke for every wedding to allow creativity and ideas to run wild (another feature I love). The duo are keen for every wedding to be unique and personal to the couple getting married, and they are committed to catering for whatever the bride and groom may desire.

I’m truly in love with this idyllic wedding venue. Crumplebury provides a fairy-tale setting and will surely be the perfect place to get married.

For an introduction into Crumplebury, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Bespoke Wedding Company or visit www.crumplebury.co.uk