In today’s blog we’re looking at inspiration and alternatives for the best first dance possible.

Surprise your guests

If you don’t like traditions or the norm, you could mix up your first dance and make it fast and fun! Get your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen involved, and perhaps even some of your guests too. This is a quirky way to surprise your guests and make them giggle. It’s also a great way to make sure your special day is talked about for years to come!

Song choice 

Choose a song that means something to you and your partner, and which reflects your style. It is your special moment after all, so have a song you both like – not a song you think everybody else will like. If you can’t decide on a song, you could choose a few different songs and have a medley.

Do something besides dance

Not a dancer? Why not incorporate something you’re good at it into your first dance routine – sing a verse or play an instrument. Such personal accompaniments are touching and well-received.

Set the mood

Candles or fairy lights around the dance floor are an easy way to create a romantic atmosphere. Looking for something grander? Consider having your first dance outside, under some fireworks!

Confetti explosion

Have a balloon drop or confetti explosion set up above the dance floor. This will really set the scene and create a wow moment.

Slideshow of photographs

Create a slideshow of photos of you and your partner. This will create a romantic backdrop and is a great way to divert guest’s attention if you’re nervous.

Fill the dance floor

Invite your guests to join you on the dance floor after the first verse and make sure the song that follows is a feel good party classic! This will fill your dance floor instantly and get your guests in the party mood!

The most important… Have fun!

Not everybody enjoys being the centre of attention and having all eyes on them. If this is you, don’t overthink it! Have a few glasses of champagne, relax and enjoy your special moment – you don’t need to worry about impressing others, it’s all about you!